Ezekiel Chentnik Leader / JavaScript Developer / UX Designer

Data-Driven Senior JavaScript Developer & UX Designer

Known for innovation, ideas, and high velocity. Relentless creativity, large scale problem solving, and results.

  • Email: ezekielcyrus@gmail.com
  • Location: Amsterdam, NL
  • Social: LinkedIn | GitHub


Hello, you can call me Zeek. I'm currently working on a large scale maps/geo data system in Amsterdam, NL. I'm a technical reviewer for multiple Backbone.js books, a Backbone.js master class, and zepto.js books. I enjoy improving the world through JavaScript, Mobile, and UX Design by using A/B testing.



Backbone.js, Zepto.js, iBooks

Work Experience


Senior JavaScript Engineer – Booking.com (Priceline Group)

  • [contact for project specifics & incredible performance summary]
  • Data-driven product development focused on ROI, scalability, and customer focused innovation
  • High velocity JavaScript development & UX Design (Maps & Geo Data Team)
  • Large scale A/B & multivariate testing

Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer – Journal Communications

  • Team Lead for 10 software engineers (Backend, Front-end, UX Design)
  • Responsible for onboarding, mentoring, and training new tech division
  • High traffic projects: Mobile web apps, payment gateway, responsive web design, Single Page Applications, Client side MVC frameworks, Data APIs & web services.
  • App Demo: Mobile Web App with native UX (Backbone.js, Restful API, Zepto.js) View >>>
  • Presentation: Best of Brew city mobile web app (Backbone.js, AppMobi, Geo API, Native UX) View >>>
  • Technologies: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Backbone.js, Zepto.js, C# .net, Java, Marionette.js, Angular.js, Underscore.js, (Web Services, AJAX, JSON/P APIs), Phonegap, jQuery mobile, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, Brightcove Video, Google Maps

Lead Software Engineer, Team Mentor (China) – Journal Communications

  • Architecture and development of web & mobile web apps (SCRUM master)
  • Project examples: data driven interactives, mobile web apps, data APIs, video interactives, photo galleries, and interactive maps/charts/graphs.
  • Interacting with multiple technologies, APIs, Applications, and design practices (responsive, mobile first, progressive enhancement).
  • Paywall system, MVC framework, large scale site portfolio (80+)

Mobile Developer, Front-End Engineer – JRN

  • Architected multimedia gallery - increasing monthly organic media traffic by 1,037% (total 4 million)
  • Implemented mobile web app - increasing monthly mobile traffic by 1,025% (total 2 million)
  • Designed video widget - increasing monthly multimedia traffic by 1,000% (total 2 million)
  • Support velocity increased by 435% in 2007
  • Team Lead: CSS/HTML/JavaScript/CMS framework and best practices to facilitate design & backend developer velocity
  • Developed & Designed: blog system (converted 100+ blogs to system), forums, photo galleries, content ratings, user submitted content, events, classifieds (integrating various data APIs), taxonomy, tracking, ad delivery system

Front-End Developer, UX Designer – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Web development for hundreds of enterprise level (high traffic) sites across multiple diverse nationwide media markets.

Coding / Programming

  • JavaScript

  • CSS / HTML

  • Node.js

  • App Architecture

  • C#, .Net


UX Design

  • A / B Testing

  • Data Analysis

  • Rapid Prototypes

  • User Research

Management / Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Agile / Scrum

  • Mentoring

Personal Skills

I am passionate about people, user experience, data, innovation, and JavaScript

  • High Velocity
  • Data Driven
  • Energetic Brainstorming
  • Loves Results
  • Innovative & Creative
  • People Developer
  • Team Leader


"If only I could clone Zeek!" ­Jim C. ­ Director of Interactive Technology

Education / Awards / GitHub Contributions



  • jamworkspace.com - Full Stack (Node.js, Grunt.js, Node Jitsu, Dust.js, Kraken.js, Express.js, Passport.js, Mongoose, MongoDB, Responsive Design, UX Design, SASS, CMS, Content, Project Manager) View >>>
  • walrus.js - Micro Client Side MV* framework View >>>
  • nanocss.com - super small, IE6+ friendly, responsive css grid View >>>
  • Private Repos: MapStatic.js, TriangleNav.js, Bowman Design, Jam Workspace, JRN, Walrus.js

Certifications / Awards

  • The Art of Influence – Amsterdam, NL
  • SEO & Web Analytics Training – Omniture
  • CMS Engineer – Clickability, San Francisco
  • Journal Interactive INSPY (Inspirational Performance award)
  • Named best overall local news site in America - livinglakecountry.com
  • EPPY for Best weekly newspaper website (26 sites)

Bachelor Degree – UWM (Milwaukee)

Management Information Systems - Discovered passion for Web Development, UX Design, & JavaScript

Technology Experience

I've touched alot of technologies. My favorite is obviously JavaScript. These are the most recent.

Commodore-BASIC ;), Google Maps, Leaflet Maps, Angular.js, Riot.js, MapBox, Open Street Maps, Geo JSON, Ionic Framework, Marionette.js, Knockback.js, Spine.js, Knockout.js, Large Scale Client Side Web apps, Single Page Apps, Phantom.js, jquery.flot.js, Raphael.js, SVG, Canvas, Backbone.js, Rachet.css, Zepto.js, Ember.js, Dojo, YUI, SASS, LESS, Grunt.js, Express.js, Kraken.js, Node.js, PHP, Wordpress, Ghost, Batman.js, Rivets.js, jQuery Mobile, CORs, CSS3 Animation, iBooks, dc3.js, Python, C#, ASP.Net, .Net 3.5 & 4.0, Classic ASP, SQL, MySQL, ActionScript 2/3 (Flex), Cold Fusion, XML, XSLT, Social Media APIs (twitter, digg, youtube), CMS Templating (Clickability, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Community Server), BrightCove, vzaar, Perl (yes.. perl), alot more....